As an artist it is my duty to look inside myself and bring something back to the surface for the viewer to connect with.   My artwork is an exploration of contrast and intentionality.  Bold and powerful composition, alongside subtle finesse, with clarity and precision. 

My work is framed by its environment.  The use of minimalist organic shapes along with an intentional color palette make the artwork a focal point while simultaneously having a sense of energetic flow throughout each piece to keep your eyes moving seamlessly through the space.  Testing the viewers expectation of what static form is capable of, my artwork brings a sense of calming sophistication when viewed with a sense of contemplation.  

When I open myself up and create artwork that is honest and vulnerable for people to experience, it is my hope that my intention and the viewers expectations come together as one. 

I am honored to have five paintings in the iconic Kaufmann Desert House located in Palm Springs, California

Jon Morse is proudly represented by the Capital Contemporary Gallery in Boise, and Art Spirit Gallery located in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.